Edgewater Brewery Remodel

For Immediate Release 7/28/2017

Kannah Creek Brewing Co. announces that it has sold its production equipment from its Edgewater Brewery location in order to pursue a different market space. Steady Hand Brewing Co. from Roswell, GA has purchased the 30 barrel brewing system and cellar equipment to start their new brewery in Georgia. The state of the art bottling line is currently available for purchase. Edgewater Brewery has acquired a 10 barrel decoction brewing system and is awaiting delivery and installation. Kannah Creek’s goal is to produce traditional German Style lager beers and ales and partner with Many Rivers Brewing Co. to transition the current glass bottle packaging to 12 ounce aluminum can production in the near future.
Owner and head brewer, Jim Jeffryes, states that the current market for ale style beers in Colorado is too crowded to be competitive and still turn a profit. After partnering with nine different distributors in seven states, two sales managers and one sales consulting company, the resources needed to successfully sell our brands on a large scale is not sustainable. We can now concentrate on our local market and provide local beer that is unique and desirable in a package that is outdoor friendly and portable for our customers. We are excited to produce and package our lager styles that have been so well received at our restaurants over the years. We will continue to be the production partner for Many Rivers Brewing Co., working together to make our transition successful.
The new brewery model will free up space that will be converted to additional seating, providing more indoor capacity at Edgewater’s restaurant. Continuing to host events and live shows outside on the lawn, the newly created indoor space will also offer a venue for such activities.
We look forward to the opportunity to better serve our customers, community and the market as a whole. We thank our customers for their continued support, expressed
Jim Jeffryes.