The Days That Follow Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, meaning there is only one thing on our minds, what’s for Thanksgiving dinner. This November, with the recent release of our seasonal the Winter Soulstiz, we have the added bonus of two things we cannot get out of our minds.

Without fail every year the cornucopia of casseroles, turkey and pie becomes a perpetual feast, even after seconds and thirds. What you’re left with is infinite amounts of turkey for the days following Thanksgiving. Deciding what to do with an overabundance of cold turkey meat can be tough. At least deciding how to reuse it in a way that doesn’t taste like ‘leftovers.’

Since recreating the same meal over and over again can be redundant we have thought up a method for recycling your leftovers and reinventing them into a new culinary delight, with Kannah Creek’s Turkey Hangover beer and food cure.

Thanks to Bon Appetit, we gathered a few delicious sandwich ideas to help you reuse and revamp your turkey-laden meal, and of course, we have the perfect Kannah Creek beer pairings too.

Turkey Burrito with Salsa and Cilantro
Paired perfectly with our Island Mesa Blonde, the light body and crisp flavor of the blonde really compliments the spicy and zesty refreshing flavors of this Mexican classic.

Barbecue Pulled Turkey Sandwich
The rich sweet flavors of the sandwich are complimented well by our Lands End Amber Ale. With its light caramel notes, medium body, and maltiness this beer has just the right edge to balance the rich and sweet aromatic flavors of a barbecue pulled turkey sandwich. Or pair it with our Winter Soulstiz, for a deeper malt appeal and robust flavor enhancement.

Grilled Turkey Bacon Radicchio and Blue Cheese Sandwich
Enhance the pungent smoky aromas of this blue cheese, bacon, and grilled turkey confection with our Standing Wave Pale Ale or Broken Oar IPA. The strong hop bitterness will cut right through the blue cheese, and the floral citrusy balance of the beer will curate the blend of flavors in this incredible pairing.

Note: These food and beer pairings have not been proven to absolutely remedy all post Thanksgiving distress, but they sure do taste good.